Activity-based Analytics

Information technology enables organizations to enhance performance, but becomes burdensome when workers are overwhelmed with too much information. Effort to create a competitive advantage often backfires when large sums of resources are wasted on failed projects. Understanding how capabilities and practices hinder or improve productivity is difficult to determine without the right insight.

There is no one reason why some companies succeed where others fail. However, inability to interpret hidden costs introduces different levels of risk. Willingness to change practices is not enough to improve positioning. Understanding of best practices and use of strategic capabilities is based on method and discipline. Insight about how well organizations leverage capabilities and apply best practices is vital to evaluate levels of risk. The objective of a sustainability practice is to benchmark risk, guide engagement and keep workers focused on doing the right things.

Impetus for changing business must come from the top. Ability to interpret the effects of strategy, use of resources and effectiveness of practices provides key insight to gauge future performance. Combined with knowledge of how events, states and conditions interconnect and affect business provides insight to support good decision making.

Ability to interpret “unknown” information buried in overhead introduces opportunity to evaluate costs and measure performance. Method used to quantify effectiveness and evaluate practices is based on tracking specific types of metrics to anticipate outcomes and guide investment decision making.

Activities (examples):

accepting, accounting, acquiring, administrating, advertising, analyzing, animating, approving, archiving, assessing, auditing, authoring, authorizing, automating, billing, bookkeeping, budgeting, capturing, cataloging, classifying, cleaning, coaching,
coding, collecting, communicating, comparing, complying, composing, computing, controlling, costing, creating, defining, delivering, developing, digitizing, distributing, drafting, educating, establishing, expiring, financing, forecasting, fulfilling, identifying,
imaging, ingesting, integrating, leasing, licensing, loading, mailing, maintaining, managing,
marketing, manufacturing, matching, merchandising, monitoring, negotiating, networking, operating, ordering, packaging, personalizing, photographing, planning, posting, preparing,
pricing, printing, processing, procuring, producing, promoting, publishing, purchasing,
recording, referring, relating, releasing, repurposing, requesting, researching, resourcing
retailing, retiring, retrieving, routing, scanning, scripting, searching, selecting, selling, servicing, sourcing, speaking, storing, strategizing, submitting, supervising, supplying,
targeting, teaching, training, validating, valuing, versioning

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