To understand how an organization creates values, it is necessary to assess industries (sell side) and markets (buy side). Industries identify area of specialty and highlight characteristics of an organization in terms of structure, process, decision making and help to define skill sets of workers.

Industry Group Model

Consumables Education Finance Government Information Infrastructure Medical Merchandising Resources Transportation

Markets define specific recipients of an organizations goods and services. For example, an organization that primarily produces software would be classified within the software industry. If this organization sells software to telecommunication companies, then this means it sells it goods and services to the telecommunications market. We breakdown industries and markets to describe economic activity specifically to define characteristics used to differentiate how organizations create value for customers. Industry groups are grouping of industries and markets that are segmented based on characteristics of goods and services traded to support value creation. To understand inter-workings of public and private sectors of the economy, we need to differentiate organizational characteristics and effort expended to support flow of commerce. Detailed data about industries and markets is used to support analysis of trade (buy side vs. sell side) and distribution of work effort and resources (people, money and capabilities). It is vital to understand how unique information about Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Population influence flow of commerce throughout the world. Breaking down characteristics about industries and markets creates opportunity to understand elements of economic activity and how effort and resources align to support life on this planet. We develop unique cascading models based GDP and Population data that can be leveraged to enhance understanding about how the world works. These models combined with activity-based research form the foundation of our knowledgebase resources.

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