Metadata & Encoding

This special industry segment represents organizations involved in the development and production of metadata (data about data) and encoding processes and systems. Metadata is text-based information that relates to a file, a family of files (based on child – parent relationships) or the interrelationships of files. Encoding refers to file structure and the ability to alter file structures by altering file signal ratios. Audio and video files are usually encoded by modifying the frequency, duration and amplitude of pulse signals. Encoded files enable systems to read files based on variations in signal patterns (almost like placing bookmarks in audio or video files). The significance of the metadata and encoding solution category relates to search and retrieval capabilities that are enabled by imbedded information. The structure of keyword taxonomies, indexing systems, and embedded file names, multilayer file formats is driven by metadata and encoding methodologies. Metadata and encoding represent the foundational technology within browsers and search engines.

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