Audio and Video-based Authoring

Audio and video-based authoring relates to the design, development and production of all types of analog and digital assets common in the world today. Transformation from the analog world of yesterday to the digital world of today and the future has been nothing but miraculous over the past few decades. The degree to which individuals produce audio and video-based assets has grown exponentially and will continue to expand with the increased use of tablets and smartphones throughout the world. In many cases, what used to be a very specialized practice is now commonplace. However, the degree of sophistication in creating a recording, picture or video into commercial product is very complex and requires extensive experience and expertise. The degree to which individuals engage in the authoring of audio and video-based assets is based on use, interest, applications and profession which vary considerably between different types of knowledge workers and general consumers of digital media – TV, movies, videos, pictures, music, recordings, etc. As tools and production workflow advance, so will the proliferation of these types of digital assets.

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