Motor Vehicles & Parts

This industry segment covers organizations that produce motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts and including automobiles, light truck, utility vehicles, heavy duty trucks, and motorcycles; light duty motors; motor vehicles and passenger car bodies; kit car and other passenger car bodies; motor vehicle gasoline engines, carburetors, pistons, piston rings, valves and other engine parts; transmissions, power train, and power train parts, motor vehicle air-conditioning and warm air heating equipment; electrical equipment for internal combustion engines; wiring harness sets and ignition systems; instrument board assemblies; motor vehicle electrical and vehicular lighting equipment; permanent defrosters; windshield washer-wiper mechanisms; cruise control mechanisms and other electrical equipment; motor vehicle steering and suspension components; motor vehicle brake systems and assemblies; asbestos brake linings and pads; motor vehicle seating, interior trimmings, and apparel findings; textile motor vehicle trimmings including fabricated seat belts, seat and tire covers; all other motor vehicle parts.

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