Agriculture, Livestock & Fisheries

This industry segment includes organizations that manage and produce agriculture, livestock and seafood products, and organizations that support these industries including the production of agricultural produce such as oilseed, grain, soybeans, dry peas, beans, wheat, corn, rice, vegetables, melons, potatoes, yams, fruit, tree nuts, oranges and other citrus fruits; and non-citrus fruits such as apples, grapes, and strawberries. It also includes greenhouse, nursery, and food crops grown under cover such as mushrooms and outside floriculture production including trees, shrubs, and ornamental products and other crop farming includes tobacco, cotton, sugarcane and sugar beets, alfalfa and other field crops, peanut farming, and miscellaneous crops such as maple sap, and plant aquaculture. Livestock and animal production includes cattle ranching and dairy farms with milk production, hog and pig farming, poultry and egg production including turkeys, sheep and goat farming, animal aquaculture including, finfish and shellfish farming, fish hatcheries and specialty animal production such as alligator, bear, wild boar, horse or other equine, fur-bearing animals, and rabbits. Seafood and fishery production generates output based on fishing, hunting and trapping and includes fishing for finfish, shellfish and other miscellaneous marine products resulting from hunting, trapping and game propagation. This category also covers agriculture services and activities including cotton ginning, soil preparation, planting, cultivating, protecting and harvesting; additionally it includes food support services such as crop preparation services, farm labor contractors and crew leaders, farm management services, livestock services and slaughtering, horse and equines services, animal breeding, and other support and repair services.

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