Metal Products

This industry segment represents organizations involved in the production of fabricated metal, iron; steel and nonferrous forging and stamping; custom roll forming; miscellaneous structural metal work; crown and closure manufacturing; kitchen utensils, pots, pans, cutlery and flatware (including silverware, plated ware, and stainless steel ware); human hair clippers and hand hair clippers for animals; hand and edge tools; farm machinery and equipment (including corrals, stalls, and holding gates); lawn and garden tractors; nonpowered lawnmowers, saw blade and handsaw; cutting and machine tools and accessories; coins, powder metallurgy, precision measuring devices, noncurrent-carrying wiring devices, fish wire, electrical wiring tool, tape measures; structural plate, fabricated, work and metal weldments; prefabricated metal building and components; fabricated bar joists and concrete reinforcing bars; boiler shops, ornamental and architectural metal products (windows, doors, sash, frames, molding and trim); sheet metal work (ducts, flumes, flooring, siding, and dampers); metal plaster bases; power boiler, tank and heat exchangers; special industry machinery, machine shop and turned products; nuclear control drive mechanisms; metal tank and heavy gauge tanks; metal can, boxes, and other metal container manufacturing; metal shipping barrels, drums, kegs, bins, vats and pails; vacuum and insulated bottles, jugs, and chests; industrial trucks, tractors, trailers, stackers (metal air cargo containers), metal pallets; hardware; safe and vault locks; spring and wire product; heavy gauge steel springs; light gauge and wire springs; steel wiredrawing, nails and spikes, paper clips, and wire not made in wiredrawing plants; primary metal products, nonferrous nails, brads, and staples; grocery carts; industrial and commercial machinery and equipment; turned products included bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, washer, turnbuckles and hose clamps; metal coating, engraving, heat treating and allied services; jewelry, etching, electroplating, plating, and polishing; laminating steel, anodizing, and coloring; fabricated metal parts including fluid power valves and hose fittings; aircraft parts, auxiliary equipment and subassemblies; plumbing fixtures, valve and pipe fittings, trim, shower rods; lawn and fire hose nozzles and couplings; metal pipe hangers and supports; metal aerosol valves, ball and roller bearings; small arms ammunition, ordnance and accessories; surgical and medical instruments and apparatus; tranquilizer guns; industrial pattern, enameled iron and metal sanitary ware; abrasive products (steel wool with or without soap); fireplace fixtures, traps, handcuffs and leg irons; ladder jacks and other similar metal products; metal foil and leaf; flexible metal hose; precious plated hollowware; combs and hair curlers; fasteners, needles and pins; metal buckles boots and shoes.

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