Marcom & Training

Relates to individuals involved in the client-side or corporate function of marketing communications, public relations, investor relations, or training, earning 50% or more of their income managing or coordinating the activities of media producer firms (advertising or PR agencies) or individual media producers.

The Marcom function distributes media related products throughout the organization and among its trade partners and other stakeholders. A Marcom professional will often tailor, edit, format or re-express a media asset for a particular application such as presentations, conferences, meetings, legal proceedings, and internal communications. They also play an important role in the design of media-related products.

The training function incorporates individuals who design courseware, curriculum and other teaching materials, integrating the work products of other media producers into a design specification. They may participate in the mechanical assembly; however they more specifically advise and approve work products. This category does not include trainers, teachers, educators and professors who deliver (more or less unmodified) course materials to students or trainees.

Knowledge Workers (examples): Curriculum designers, training developers, courseware developers, corporate communications managers, investor relations managers

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