File Management

The ability to reuse or repurpose preexisting media depends on the ability to locate and retrieve it. The typical author, producer or media creator performs this activity as many as 80 times per week or approximately 2.9 minutes each time they attempt to lookup a single file. This activity usually involves searching for files in OS folders, directories, disk cartridges, and CD-ROMs located on Desktop PCs and Servers. Each file lookup translates into a cost per file lookup, assuming the author successfully locates the file on the first attempt (occurs only 65% of the time). After factoring in the cost associated with unsuccessful file lookup attempts, the actual cost jumps by another third. File management encompasses searching, verifying and creating file names, categorizing and reorganizing files and folders, creating file back-ups, assigning and authorized file privileges, and transferring files. As producer and users of content and media adopt systems for managing their assets, productivity gains will improve creating many types of advantages for the organizations they serve.

• Searching
• Verifying Filenames
• Creating Filenames
• Categorizing files and folders
• Reorganizing files and folders
• Backing up files
• Rights management & access
• Transferring files

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