Content & Web Development

Relates to the general category of editorial and knowledge asset creation, emphasizing individuals that spend 50% or more of their time creating editorial, copy or other text-based knowledge assets that the organization or it’s clients may publish online (Web sites, intranets, extranets, wireless sites), broadcast (satellite, TV, radio, Internet), record (tape, VCRs, CDs, DVDs, removable storage devices), film (motion picture, video, pictures) or print (books, newspapers, magazines).

Content authoring, a subset of the general category of editorial and knowledge asset creation, emphasizes the production of data that appears between the starting and ending tags in an SGML, HTML or XML document, or the development of web-based programming code or other text-based elements in a web site, intranet or extranet. In this context, content authoring relates mainly to the creation of text, but may include the production of other elements (streaming video, images, graphics, audio, software, or other media-related objects) contained in the body of a web page or electronic document.

This category incorporates a new and rapidly expanding class of actors: leaders and participants in online discussion groups, especially in areas such as customer support, problem-solving, market research, product testing, investor relations, etc. The editorial that derives from online discussions and postings represent a potent type of brand resource that organizations must cultivate and manage as a economic asset.

Knowledge Workers (examples): Editors, journalists, writers, content creators, webmasters, web designers

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