Relates to creative specialists that spend 50% or more of their time producing animated media utilizing 2D or 3D modeling tools.  Involves creating the illusion of movement by using a succession of static images that can be drawn separately, or by creating intervening images developed with software.  Includes the creation of comic characters or cartoons, animated motion pictures created by recording a series of still images (drawings, objects, or characters), that when displayed in succession creates the illusion of unbroken motion.

On average, professionals in the animation category spend the majority of their time authoring and editing audio, graphic, image and video based media.  Like most knowledge workers, they also spend a good deal of time in administrative activities and meetings in brainstorming and discussion with other creative professionals.  The degree to which meetings are on-site or an off-site is usually dependent upon the employment status of the animator, i.e., solo contractors tend to spend more time in off-site meetings with other project team members.

Knowledge Workers (examples): Animators, CAD designers or draftspersons, cartoonists, claymation artists, matte artists, motion capture technicians, wirepullers, special effects technicians

Tools (examples): 3D Studio, Macromedia Director, Electric Image

Keywords: 2D, 3D, graphic, cels (sheets of celluloid), surface modeling, stop action, puppet, clay, pixillation, thaumatrope, wire-frame model

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